Herbarium data management system (hdms): software for providing web based methods for value addition in herbarium specimen

Uma Singh., Suchit A. John., JyotiVerma., Shukla B.M., Devranjan and Sudershan Kumar

Plant collections and preservation of herbarium specimen in a herbarium is a major activity of taxonomic research. HDMS software is developed using PHP for digitization of herbarium specimen data containing label information, plant name, collectors, locality, date of collections and accession number etc. HDMS is unique and has provision to create data value additions to herbarium label data and these include recent taxonomic nomenclature, geographical data, including GPS data, distribution maps, plant descriptions including scan images of specimens, images & video of live plant, genomic information etc. HDMS has been used to digitize 100000 collections of national herbarium of CSIR- NBRI-LWG.

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